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Little Hades App

💀 Player Information
Name: Zara
Age: 25
Contact: [ profile] werepuppy
Characters In-game: N/A

💀 Character Information
Name: Rey
Canon: Star Wars
Canon Point: Post fight with Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base
Age: 19
Description: Rey is a human female of roughly 5ft 7 in height. She has brown hair and hazel eyes, and is light skinned. Her hands are rough from working as a scavenger since she was 5 years old. She has a slightly athletic build.
Physical changes:
Powers: Thanks to life as a scavenger on Jakku, Rey has honed her own survival skills considerably when taking into account her age. This includes the ability to fight, which she does by wielding her staff against anyone who poses a threat to her - she has quite the strike force with it. Being a junk planet that seems to attract a lot of traffic from offworlders has also meant that Rey has been able to learn many different languages, and be able to know enough to get by in each.

She's also learned quite vaulable skills in being a mechanic, from stripping down and rebuilding engines of various ships, leaving her with a great understanding of how it all worked. She also took the time to learn how each ship worked, and how to fly them, though this was in her rare free time and was untested until she got in the seat of the Millennium Falcon.

Powers wise? Rey is strong with the Force, though she's only really starting to test her powers at the moment. She has been able to turn the mind trick of another Force user back against them, as well as use the powers of the Force to convince a Stormtrooper to let her go. She has also shown some ability in being able to use a lightsaber, but her opponent in that battle was wounded so it's anyone's guess how it would go otherwise.
History: History
Hell Status: Hell newbie. She'll likely work her way up, but she won't be happy about it.
What Brings Them To Hell: When the planet split apart, she fell. She was sentenced to hell because of the sheer hatred she was feeling at the time - the sin of wrath. She might have been an otherwise decent person, but the anger and hatred and want of revenge she was feeling at the moment she died overwrote all of that and yeah, sorry Rey, but it's Hell for you.
The Pitch: Are you looking for the new Anakin Skywalker? Rey is your choice! (Maybe literally, we're not even sure what her heritage is so anything goes at the moment.) Unskilled but strong in the Force, stronger than she knows, Rey has a lot of skills that she can bring to the table, or the hell town, city thing that can be used to help make the place great. Worse. Whichever one it is that's considered better down here, she doesn't know. Angry at the world, you can be the one to use that anger and channel into... well whatever it is you do down here, she doesn't know. She doesn't know much about the world, which is something else that can be seen as a bonus to Little Hades: for all she knows? This is all there is!

Oh, that's not to say that she's not smart. No, Rey here is a clever little thing. She's managed to learn a ton of different languages which comes in handy if people start to get a bit on the belligerent side of things because she can yell back at them in their own tongue. Not literally their own tongue unless that the punishment given though. She's also good at learning by observation – just once time viewing something gives her enough information to give it a try for herself! This quick learner will be a great assets to any job you want to throw her at, with minimal training time needed by maximum results!

And hey, do you ever get fed up with newbies wondering about their family back home and how their dealing with their loss? No need to worry there! Rey is completely ignorant as to where or even who her family is, so she won't be focusing on any of that. Oh sure, there might be the moment of wonder here and there but mostly it'll be work, work, work for this gal. She's already used to the hellish heat – she lived on Jakku which was sand, more sand, and never getting cold – so there won't really be an adjustment period for that either. Isn't this sounding great, a perfectly made little worker all ready to be yours for the low, low price of her death.

Sure there'll be a bit of fighting back at first but, hey, what's a little rebellion going to do but give the place a little bit more colour on whatever day of the week it is. Rey is a firey, spirited young woman who knows what she wants and how to get it and she won't sit around being passive about it. Apart from when it came to sitting around waiting on her family but she knows now they're coming for her and well, she's dead, so time to live it up and enjoy all that Little Hades has to offer her! Come on, you know you want to pick this ideal worker and possible bouncer-type person for your city-town-thing. Chose Rey!

Setting Fit: Rey would be a reluctant citizen at first, treating it like she's back on Jakku once again, That being said, she worked damn hard on Jakku each and every day, so that goes to show that she has a great work ethic and that she doesn't really let adversity stop her from living her life, though the whole being dead thing is going to be a huge shock to her system. The rage and anger within her would make her good for dealing with anyone who needs knowing where their place is, and her reaction to certain behaviours would also count as a bonus as she gets angry enough to lash out.
Samples: Sample 1
Sample 2